"If you want to go fast - go alone.

If you want to go far - go together."



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In the midst of lockdowns the ZOOP challenge helped improve our habits with wellbeing goals and provided a platform for us to connect in a way that regular social media hasn't allowed for in the past. 


ZOOP was the platform for us to stay healthy but also opened up conversations of meaningful connection in a time where we couldn’t see our mates. 


This not only had a profound effect on our physical health but also our mental health. 

ZOOP aims to make a new platform for Australians to complete their wellbeing goals whilst connecting with their mates in meaningful ways to positively impact their mental health.


We exist to create awareness to the issues around mental ill health, normalise vulnerability and providing actionable methods to improve health, wellbeing and connection amongst Australians.





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The ZOOP Challenge

Habits are hard to build. 

Keeping yourself accountable is difficult without help. 

Share your goals with your tribe. 

Put up a wager to bet on yourself. 

If you can't complete your goals you lose your wager. 

If your tribemates can't complete theirs they lose their wager.

Connect with your tribemates weekly. 

Push each other, support each other and grow together. 

Join the Network to be part of the movement. 

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