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Despite the incredible growth in awareness in the mental health space, the statistics in Australia suggest that there is more work to be done.

COVID has not helped this with numbers worsening in key statistics.


ZOOP aims to be a part of the solution by building a community, growing awareness and a developing an upcoming platform.


We believe that the key ingredients behind the ZOOP challenge: real, honest and vulnerable moments between mates with shared wellbeing challenges may be where we can be of help. 

The community

Join the ZOOP community on Facebook. 

The ZOOP Network is a community of people who use wellbeing challenges and public accountability to break down barriers to vulnerability and maximise their mental and physical health. 

We run events to benefit our community and draw awareness to mental ill health, actionable wellbeing and normalize vulnerability.


The ZOOP initiatives

In our journey to building a platform to enable ZOOPers to engage in their wellbeing with their mates and share meaningful connection, we have taken it upon ourselves to create initiatives to improve awareness around mental ill health and provide actionable methods to improving health and wellbeing in our community. 

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The podcast

The ZOOP podcast is run by co-founders Connor Scott, Jerome Lugo, Tom Odrowaz and Nick Callanan. 

Everybody knows that they should "be healthy" but not too many podcasts actually try it for themselves. 

Join their journey as the boys learn how to build good wellbeing habits whilst dealing with the struggles of day to day life. 

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The upcoming platform

At ZOOP, we believe wellbeing habits are impossible to build by yourself. 

We also believe that the social media should be used to invigorate people's wellbeing rather than make us feel poor, addicted or divided against our mates. 

We are currently in a test flight stage to disrupt the current status quo with an app designed to be mental health friendly and ethical to help you connect you with your mates in a vulnerable and meaningful way. 

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