first ZOOP 

  1. Make a tribe on the               and access it on either the Wix App or use another group messaging App

  2. Book a meeting together either in person or via video

  3. Each Tribemember prepares 1-3 personal goals that they want to make daily habits but have procrastinated on

  4. Each Tribemember explains their goal and how they will show receipts of them completing it

  5. To keep you accountable each member puts in a wager (money or something not worth losing) 

  6. Designate a referee to hold the wager and who can goal review if receipts are lost etc. 

  7. If they cannot show receipts of their completion every week they lose their wager and to stay in the game can buy back in

  8. The Tribe decides what to do with the money or wagers saved up! (group trips / charities / family dinners)

  9. Every week set aside time as a tribe to catch up and talk through your goals 

The weekly check-in 

  1. Perhaps the most important part of the challenge is connecting with your tribe every week - go further, go together 

  2. Find a time that works with everyone every week 

  3. Each person gets a moment to talk through how their week was: the wins, the challenges and any proud moments

  4. Listen, reflect and encourage - let each person share their story

  5. Vulnerability is the birthplace of belonging - 
    Sharing the moments that you've found difficult can light a fire for everyone else.
    If a tribe member has had a tough week, consider if there is anything you can do to make it easier for them

  6. After 4 weeks - your tribe chooses what to do with the saved up wagers. 

  7. Complete                    to let us know what you thought of the ZOOP experience