The zoop story

At the start of the Melbourne lockdown, a frustrated group of friends found it difficult to share real, positive moments together. This challenge was built to keep them accountable for their lifestyle habits until it snowballed into something bigger.

What started as a challenge for a few mates with goals on fitness, mindfulness and foreign language skills, blossomed a deeper kinship with one another. 

Some of us became happier, more comfortable with vulnerability, more connected and some of us became the fittest we had been both mentally and physically.

Together we became more unified, in touch with each other and supported.

We want to share this feeling with our friends and family during this uncertain time in the world. As such, we will never ask for a cent from our Tribes as the potential that we are helping people is what drive us. 

From this, we hope to build and connect the wider ZOOP network with the knowledge that everyone who is part of this challenge has the support of not only their tribe, but the support of the world around them. 

work together  

win together






It starts with accountability.

By joining the ZOOP network you enter an environment where you are made accountable on the daily and that’s powerful.

Research shows that you are 3x more likely to accomplish a task if it carries a financial stake and 2x more likely to succeed when someone is verifying that you complete your tasks.

Teamwork, togetherness, support.

Sharing your journey with those close to you intensifies the satisfaction gained from hitting your goals.

Receiving praise and support for ticking off a set goal, whilst also acknowledging that your efforts directly motivate your peers to better themselves, adds a whole new layer of purpose to the process.

Reflect together & win together. 

The weekly reflections serve many a purpose, amongst being a grounding point in the midst of the everyday rush.

They are a chance to socialise, share the ups and downs of your weeks and promote discussions. Reflecting together collectively projects you into the following week of challenges.

Vulnerability is the birthplace of belonging.

Many would argue that the most gratifying moments within the ZOOP experience are when goals aren’t met. This challenge isn’t supposed to mimic the highlight reels seen on most social media platforms.


Sharing the struggles of the week with your tribe fosters empathy, solutions and support.