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ZOOP Initiatives

In our mission to create a new platform that enables ZOOPers to complete their wellbeing goals whilst connecting with their mates in meaningful ways, we anticipate we have a journey ahead of us if we are to make an impact in the mental ill health space. 

The journey to this involves creating awareness to the problem around mental health, normalizing vulnerability and providing actionable methods to improve health and wellbeing. 

Our initiatives reflect this journey. 


August 2021

The ZOOP 9 for 9 Challenge

From August 01-29, the boys from ‘The ZOOP Network’ will be attempting to brave Port Phillip Bay’s cold waters for 9 minutes; for 28 days; for the 9 Australians that die by suicide each day.

The aim is to put ourselves through a gruelling mental challenge and share the journey in order to raise awareness for and promote having conversations around mental health. And we have a goal to raise $6500, which is what it costs batyr to run a batyr@school program and parent forum.

The ZOOP Water Bottle

ZOOP x Reach Out

In conjunction with Reach Out, the ZOOP metallic water bottle is our first offering. 

Support the environment and a great cause in Reach Out as 10% of all proceeds goes to the charity supporting Australian youths. 

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